November 20, 2012. NEW!! THE YELLOW PLUMERIA RIBBONS ARE HERE!! Go to the Yellow Plumeria Ribbon page to find some beautiful, unique designs to help raise money for Military Veterans agencies.

Yellow Plumeria Ribbon car magnets coming in two weeks.

October 17, 2012. I am out of the Multi-Pink Plumeria Ribbon White ladies cut shirt in 2XL. I do have the Pink Plumeria Ribbon and Pink Plumeria Ribbon 2 in 2XL.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

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E Komo Mai-Welcome


Hawaii's flowers helping others. Kokua is "help" in Hawaiian. These designs use the flowers from Hawaii with the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer, and yellow ribbon for the Military. Hawaii has so many beautiful flowers, and it is always heartwarming to give and receive these wonderful gifts of Aloha.

Kokua Flowers will donate a portion of the profits to a Breast Cancer and Military non-profit agency. The pink plumeria will be part of the pink ribbon, and the yellow flower will be a part of the yellow ribbon. I eventually want to expand the different flowers and non-profit agencies which can benefit from the sale of the shirts.

When you buy a shirt, you are showing your support for a loved one, family member, friend, survivor, or hero. The designs are unique and colorful, with a taste of Hawaii.